Bhang Disposable Vape Pen

Bhang Disposable Vape Pen

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Medicating always requires some discretion and easy using because there are still people out there that think Cannabis is harmful. Bhang Disposable Vape Pen is your ultimate savior! Just like an E-cig look, these Bhang sticks give the discretion and functionality you will ever need. These vapes come in there different selections;

  • Bhang Indica Disposable Vape Pen
  • Bhang Hybrid Disposable Vape Pen
  • Bhang Sativa Disposable Vape Pen
  • Benefits of using Bhang Disposable Sticks;

  • NO ODOR; These pens vaporize your co2 extracted Cannabis Oil so no one's going to smell it, actually you won't be smelling anything either.
  • NO CHARGE; These pens all come pre-charged. You don't need to charge it, well you can't charge it because there's no charging port.
  • NO BUTTON; Modern design with no button gives the most modern look while letting you prevent butt-vape moments.
  • All Bhang Disposable Vape Pens include 550 milligrams co2 cannabis oil, extracted from high quality medical marijuana strains by famous Bhang Chocolate company. All Bhang Disposable Vape Pens include Laboratory Test Results in their packaging so you know your medicine's medical value and medicate with no worries.

    How to use:

  • Open the package.
  • Take the vape pen out.
  • Vape, Vape, Vape...
  • When the pen is done, LED light on the pen will start to blink.
  • You can safely dispose it.
  • 100% Pure Cannabis Oil, C02 Extracted, No Additives, No Glycols, No Glycerines. Please medicate responsibly.

    5 Stars
    What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas
    Bought a couple of these and took them out to Vegas for a weekend of fun. Wanted a discreet way to go through the airport and across state lines without drawing to much attention. Totally pass as cigarette vape pens which is important if you're somewhere where medical marijuana isn't recognized. Use em and toss em when your done. No need to roll or pack or carry a bowl. Space age smoking is here.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles. on 7/7/2015
    4 Stars
    Convenient for sure
    I've never tried a vape before and down own a pen. I decided to try this disposable vape. It was pretty easy and convenient since I just kept it with me at shows. I could take puffs discretly and not get hassled for lighting up in public. It's not the most potent and it takes some getting used to but it can work. I'll give it another try.
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    Reviewed by:  from Hollywood. on 6/20/2015
    5 Stars
    Indica Disposable pen
    I usually buy a cartridge to attach to my battery but I was going to an event and I was unable to charge my pen. I was able to use my Bhang disposable pen all day long without it losing charge! I continued using the pen for a couple days after then when it was out it just stops working as if it were dead and you throw it away. SUPER CONVENIENT!!!!
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    Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles. on 5/12/2015
    5 Stars
    Normally I think these are great!
    I'll still give it 5 stars because the product is normally great. This is the third time I've gotten this pen and the previous 2 times it worked amazingly. This last time, however, it's been disappointing. The light started blinking within the first time I inhaled it and it wasn't very strong hits I was taking. It took many hits to feel half of what I would feel with just a few hits of the previous pens. Maybe it's because this time they only had a hybrid and I normally get the sativa, which I love! Or maybe they just sent me a used one for some reason. Either way, I'm disappointed with this one but the product is still great, I think. Unless the next one I get sucks too then I'll definitely change my rating. lol
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles. on 10/9/2016
    5 Stars
    The indica strain is great for bedtime. A few hits off the vape, and I'm relaxed enough to fall asleep without any other meds. Super convenient and pleasant -- no smell or mess. Just throw it out when it runs out. (Have been using mine all week without trouble.)
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles. on 10/7/2016
    1 Stars
    I don't even think there was any oil in this thing. Barely any smoke when hitting. Never felt it's effects. Not even once. AND the little smoke it did provide seemed to run out very fast. By far the worst product I've ever used. In fact, it irritated me so much I had to go get another pen from another shop just to calm down! Carry Oasis pens instead perhaps. These ones are a bust.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Echo Park. on 1/17/2017
    5 Stars
    Very mild
    I love this pen. It's mild and compact
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from La. on 11/6/2016
    4 Stars
    Mild, but good
    It's a little milder than I expected (I have only tried the hybrid and the Indica), but still good. It has a nice, compact design, easy draw and very little burning. A definite plus, as other pens have sent me into a coughing fit no matter what technique I use.
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    Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Los Angeles. on 1/17/2017

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